World Kamishibai Day in Tokyo, 2023


World Kamishibai Day, in Tokyo

The Fifth World KAMISHIBAI Day in Tokyo

This year's World KAMISHIBAI Day event in Tokyo was another success!
It was a full three hours of fun through kamishibai, some of the works performed in Chinese, French, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Farsi and English.
We had nearly 30 registrations on the day, and over 70 people registered online. People from Ireland, India, Germany, France, Malaysia, and some more countries shared the joy of kamishibai together. Thank you very much for your participation!


* Let’s begin!
Hello from participants in the ZOOM

* Make Friends with the World through Kamishibai Part: I
“Everybody Clap!” (Japan) written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui, … Performed in Chinese by Shan Jia

“One, Two, Sacchan” (Japan) written and illustrated by Satoshi Kako, … Performed by Kaho Sugimoto

“Duck the King” (France) written by Seishi Horio, illustrated by Seizo Tashima, French folktale … Performed in French by Keiko Nagatomo

“Emelian and the Drum” (Russia) original text by Tolstoy, written by Gozan Takahashi, illustrated by Hanji Koyano … Performed by Fumiko Suzuki

“Tumbling Dumpling” (Japan) written by Joji Tsubota, illustrated by Eigoro Futamata, Japanese folktale … Performed by Shizuka Yoshida

Hello from participants in the ZOOM (continued)
“An Old Lady and Mangas” written by Ichinnorov Ganbaatar, illustrated by Baasansuren Bolormaa, translated by Noriko Tsuda …Performed in Mongolian by Author and Illustrator
Performed by Ms. Ramya Srinidhi from Indian Kamishibai Association

Hello from participants on Zoom

* Make Friends with the World t hrough Kamishibai: II
“Grow Grow Grow Bigger” (Japan) written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui … Performed in Vietnamese by Hoa Higuchi

“ Kind Monster Wapper” (Belgium) written by Etsuko Nozaka, illustrated by Nana Furiya … Performed in Farsi by Saori Katagiri

“ Ant, Grasshopper and Kingfisher”(Korea) written and illustrated by Lee Soojeen, Korean folktale … Performed by Chie Ishimaru

“ Transform” (Japan) written and illustrated by Eiko Matsui … Performed in English Etsuko Nozaka

- ― End of the ZOOM ―
* Welcome to Jump In and Perform
Performed by the author: An original hand-made work

Performed by the author: An original hand-made work

Dangomushi no Korochan ” written by Horoshige Takaie, illustrated by Michiko Nakagawa

Konekono Shirochann ” written by Seishi Horio, illustrated by Shizuko Wakayama

* At the End of the Program
Nagagutu Nagagutsu ” written by Keiko Inaniwa, illustrated by Chihiro Iwasaki, … Performed by Sakai Kyoko

We streamed the whole program on Zoom.


The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
Terakoya, 3-32-15-1F, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001 Japan

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