IKAJA Kamishibai Seminar in Tokyo, 2022


IKAJA Kamishibai Seminar in Tokyo, 2022

Theme: "A New Step of Kamishibai"
Dates: 19 November (Sat.), 2022
Place: Shuppan Club Building, Tokyo

Greeting by Kyoko Sakai, Everybody Clap! (written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui)

Speech by Keiko Nakamura (Biohistory Researcher)
“Not to Forget that Children are Living Creatures”

Let’s Learn Kamishibai by Q&A
 Q1:Tell us the fascination of kamishibai and how to perform it.
The Black Cat from the Dragon Palace (written and Illustrations by Lee Soojeen)

 Q2. How can we interpret each kamishibai?
Sweet Gifts from the Heaven (written and illustrated by Gozan Takahashi)

 Q3. How can we deliver peace by performing kamishibai?
Grow Grow Grow Bigger! (written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui)

Let’s think about peace through kamishibai!
1. The Promise of March 10 (written by Katsumoto Saotome/illustrated by Hideo Ito)

2 A Quarrel of Crayons (written by Yoshiko Yagita/illustrated by Seiichi Tabata)

3 Never Again (written and illustrated by Eiko Matsui)

Toward Tomorrow!
Ocean of Kariyushi (written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui)
 End of Day, Information of Seminars in Next Year.

Sales of Kamishibai, Live Streaming


The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
Terakoya, 3-32-15-1F, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001 Japan

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