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Let's enjoy kamishibai at home, at times like this! Face your children, partners, parents, grandchildren and even your cute pets, and enjoy the communication.
When you perform kamishibai at home, the most important thing is to make much of your feelings to share the joy of kamishibai with your dearest ones. You don't need theatrical gestures, exaggerated voices or special skills. It is also good to see kamishibai performed by your children or grandchildren, changing the usual roles.

If you would like to know about our recommended kamishibai,
please refer to Recommended Kamishibai link-icon and How to Perform Booklet link-icon

We will pick up the pictures performing kamishibai at home, as well as the serial introduction of our recommended kamishibai posted to IKAJA Facebook.
Please send us your pictures with short comments to our secretary.

"Kamishibai at Home" Campaign: Pictures from Facebook

Part 7: from Mie, posted 30 May, 2020 NEW

A picture of a group enjoying kamishibai at a bookstore, one of the members' home.

Since a meeting of the kamishibai study group, “Pippo-no-kai”, had been cancelled, we performed kamishibai at “Miyagawa Bookstore”, where my house and store are. Five people, including a rookie and experts of kamishibai, performed “Baby Kitten Blanc”, “Duck the King”, "Wild Roses”, “Here Comes the Train”, “Osuwariyasu Isudosse”, and “Baby Chick”. Then we talked about the key features of kamishibai, each story’s message, how one can be changed by performing one kamishibai for a certain period of time, as well as peace and culture. One person who saw kamishibai for the first time said, “Kamishibai is very deep. I could feel its message, the author’s thoughts, and the performer’s life!” At first, I worried about the gathering even though it’s a small number of people in this time of COVID-19, but after all it became a wonderful place for us to learn kamishibai deeply. (Comments from a photo provider)

Part 6: from Tokyo, posted 25 May, 2020

A picture of a man performing kamishibai for his granddaughter. .

This is my four-year-old granddaughter’s favorite kamishibai. We felt a refreshing spring breeze on “Children’s Day”. After taking Shobuyu (bathwater with iris leaves), we enjoyed kamishibai at home! (Comments from a photo provider)

Part 5: from Hokkaido, posted 20 May, 2020

A video clip of an older sister in first grade performing kamishibai at the birthday party of her two-year-old brother. This is a family of nine members including four children.
(Movie: approx.50sec, 8MB)
A first grader sister performed kamishibai at her little brother's birthday party!

Part 4: from Aichi, posted 15 May, 2020

They enjoyed kamishibai with their lovely dog.

Part 3: from Tokyo, posted 10 May, 2020

A mother and a child enjoyed five kamishibai together.

I enjoyed five kamishibai works with my son who is in second grade. Even though the works are for smaller children, it seemed like he remembered the time with his friends at nursery school and enjoyed them.
When I performed "Tem the Ladybird ", he asked me, "Is it OK for Tem and other bugs to go outside even though it's corona time?"
I answered, "Bugs' homes are outside, so it's OK."
It made me realise that even a child has a strong awareness of refraining from going outside in this time of COVID-19.
Unlike picture books, both the performer and audience of kamishibai speak in loud voices, which is a good stress reliever.

Part 2: from Aichi, posted 5 May, 2020

Performing kamishibai Nenaiko Dare to entertain a three generation family.

Part 1: from Hokkaido, posted 27 Apr, 2020

A mother performed Grow Grow Bigger to her three pretty children.

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・kamishibai at home, at bookstore.
・kamishibai with your neighbors.
We welcome your pictures of "KAMISHIBAI AT HOME". Please don't hesitate to send us.


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